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Maximizing Network Reliability in a Photovoltaic Power Station


At a glance

Finding solar panels has become much easier compared to the past as they can now be spotted along roadsides and in many other locations. It is obvious that the world is experiencing a significant shift towards green energy and a growing number of people are recognizing the importance of reducing reliance on non-renewable resources. Long before various renewable powers have been vastly invested, solar energy has taken its seat at the big table and has proven itself to be one of the most popular and promising alternatives. It harnesses the power of the sun to generate electricity and has become increasingly important over the years as advances in technology have made it more efficient and affordable than ever.


Solar panel fields come in all shapes and sizes, which all of them are capable of absorbing enormous amounts of energy from the sun, no matter during broiling days or cloudy weather. For the photovoltaic solar panels to take as much available sunlight as possible, the responsive control system, the key component of the solar system, allows multi-angles solar radiation reception. The solar panel grid is aimed at the sunlight during the day, moving in time according to the sun position in order to receive the utmost amount of sunlight to optimize energy generation. This means that one can relax and trust that the solar energy system is working perfectly and getting the most out of the sunlight. Leonton's EG5-0602-SFP and the implementation of ERPS create a robust and reliable network, which enables solar energy systems to operate at peak efficiency, reducing waste and maximizing the benefits of green energy.


System Requirements


  • Providing sufficient network bandwidth to monitor the operating conditions of solar string combiner boxes
  • Capable of operating in a wide temperature range (-40°~75°C)

  • Offering a variety of port density options that meets network expansion requirements

  • Supporting network redundancy that achieves maximum uptime for continuous data transmission


Unexpected network downtime can result in possible catastrophic impact on the solar energy application. For example, the risk of fire caused by the occurrence of an arc fault, since real-time data traffic from the photovoltaic arrays cannot be transferred over the network immediately if a fiber optical cable breaks. Therefore, for such mission-critical application, the implementation of ERPS (G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) ring protocol becomes a very popular way to build a highly reliable network infrastructure and is widely accepted as being one of the most practical network media redundancy solutions to ensure non-stop industrial operations in harsh environments. And with the help of Leonton’s EG5-0602-SFP and EG5-2012-SFP, which both facilitate fiber optics communications, long distance data transmission will be fulfilled with high reliability and speed, ensuring seamless connectivity and zero data loss.

Selected Product

6-Port Industrial Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
20-Port Industrial Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch

Why Leonton

Leonton exceeds the customer’s expectations with its suitable, reliable, and high-quality products that check all the boxes. Other determining factors are competitive prices and reasonable lead time. However, Leonton does not stop there. Leonton walks the customer through installations and system configurations as solid after-sales services have been the company’s core value ever since it was founded. Solar energy is not only the most abundant of all energy sources but also a more affordable form of electricity nowadays. With Leontons’ high-performance ethernet switches embedded in the system, it sure has the capability of building a longer, more stable, and more reliable solar system.

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