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Industrial Component
Rigorous Testing
Cutting-edge Technology

Industrial Component

Industrial component. Not only industrial.
As a leading manufacturer of industrial networking devices, Leonton only partners with the best suppliers who offer materials with the highest quality. The quality we insist on today gives the reliability you will discover tomorrow.


Test done. Quality assured.
Reliability is one of the most crucial keystones of industrial networking products. By strictly abiding by industrial-level quality control regulations, Leonton’s each piece of unit is 100% inspected and tested before going to customers’ hands with a 5-year warranty.


Edge cut. Tech got.
Technology is not just specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavor, but Leonton regards it as the distillation of craft, ingenuity and passion. We are motivated by hearing from customers and partners who are also onboard with the trend of technology progress. We offer cutting-edge technology for customers to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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