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Smart Parking

Corrosion Protection

Customize Network Upon Your Space & Explore More Value in IIoT

The automotive industry and its ongoing evolution are affecting how we plan and build parking space in every “Smart City” around the world. Improvements in parking solutions will promote safety, efficiency, user experience, and lower the cost of parking projects. Among all, they have got one thing in common, that is all should be connected to the Internet for maximum profit and operational efficiency, making the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) the catalyst for your modern parking solutions. And a reliable, redundant, secure, customizable, and cost-effective network environment is what Leonton can offer.

Connecting All Infrastructures

In a parking space, one type of device is for safety reasons, and the other is for operational efficiency. The former includes CCTV, PTZ camera, intercom, fire & smoke detection, loitering detection, and so on. The latter offers LPR (License Plate Recognition), APS (Auto Pay Station), camera-based smart sensor, dynamic LED signage, IVA system (Intelligent Vehicle Analytics) and etc. All these devices should be connected with Ethernet switches and linked back to a remote control center which requires no extra space at the actual site.


When the end-devices are linked with Leonton’s Managed PoE switches, each one of the devices can be monitored and controlled from afar and powered by the Ethernet cable directly. And of course, an open parking space under the sun or in the tropical area can be facing extremely high or low temperature. Thus, Leonton offers standard operating temperature and extended operating temperature models on every industrial Ethernet switch, media converter, and IIoT gateway, providing the capability to work from anywhere between -40°C to 75°C.

Getting More Out of IIoT: Data Analysis with AI

Besides safety enhancement, cost reduction, and operational efficiency boost, big data can be applied to Smart Parking by, for example, having the LPR system sending back countless plate number megapixel images and car screenshots for the analytical AI program to improve the recognition accuracy and customer & car category analysis for higher business revenue and so on. To achieve this, high bandwidth networking devices like Leonton’s Managed 10G Ethernet switches will come in handy for data heavy-loading applications like this.

ISO 9223

Measuring the Size to Build and Connect Properly

The scale of parking planning and management may vary according to the space given, but it is significantly important that mega-size parking like the ones in airport terminals or huge malls be equipped with a reliable and efficient network structure, for the best management capability and safety experience, with the most cost-effective method. Leonton offers a complete industrial grade Ethernet switch lineup, from 5-port to 26-port, with 10G optical fiber, IEEE802.3bt PoE up to 90W output, redundancy design, and extended operating temperature down to -40°C, up to 75°C, providing possibilities to build any scale of smart parking spaces with any special demand that you need with our customization services.



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About Leonton

“Your Partner in Networking” is the slogan of Leonton, which conveys the idea and value we are determined to provide in the market by making the products with the highest quality and offering the best service in customization projects, creating networking environments with enhanced safety, efficiency, stability, and reliability.

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10-Port Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch
5-Port Industrial Gigabit IEEE 802.3bt PoE Ethernet Switch
10-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Switch
7-Port Industrial Gigabit IEEE 802.3bt PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch
12-Port Industrial Gigabit IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ Managed Ethernet Switch
6-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch
10-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch
16-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch
20-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch

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