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Factory Automation

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Factory Ready: Low-voltage Input Supported & Power over Ethernet to Reduce Cost

Building an automated factory is one thing, and having it operated in the best possible way with lower cost and more efficiency is another. Currently, the factory automation is undergoing a transformation, evolving from serial to Ethernet, from manned to unmanned, wired to wireless, and so on. Should we see the picture of mostly unmanned factories in near future, but in the progress, a certain level of IIoT will need to be reached in the field to make it happen. Leonton offers a dedicated product line of Ethernet switches for factory automation, providing lower voltage power input and various PoE standards, helping the customers with the most cost-efficient and reliable networking products.

Transformation for Factory Automation

To get into the front row of worldwide manufacturers, factory automation with reliable equipment is one of the first crucial tasks to achieve such level. Devices used in the factory have been increasingly altered from serial to Ethernet-based, which provides longer communication distance, easier way to install, larger flexibility to plan, stabler signal, and overall faster communication capability. With all advantages mentioned above, manufacturers can optimize their capacity and output of production lines by building a reliable industrial networking environment.

On Demand, Low-voltage Input

Following the trend of industrial automation & IIoT and integrating with basic industrial networking’s core value, Leonton provides a thorough compilation for factory automation. It includes the most common but essential features such as low-voltage power input, layer-2 management, PoE (power over Ethernet), or even the latest IEEE 802.3bt PoE. In the factory automation environments, 24V is the most common input voltage, while it can be seen to be having as low as 12V or as high as 36V. Therefore, Leonton’s Ethernet switches which support low-voltage power input are all capable of running with 12-36VDC with redundant power input. We aim to provide the product that meets the needs of the market and make customization possible for the clients, structuring a stable and reliable industrial network environment in the most efficient way with the lowest possible cost.

ISO 9223

PoE and its Next Generation

PoE technology has been standardized by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), as IEEE 802.3 since 2003. The first generation standard is able to offer up to about 12.95W at PD (powered device) end, although it is not much, but it certainly changes the game by lifting the cost to spend on extra cabling of every single end-device in an application. Almost two decades later, the latest standard, IEEE 802.3bt comes with up to 6-8 times power available at PD end in comparison with the 1st generation. It has cut much more unnecessary cabling cost by both powering and transmitting via RJ45 cable with much power-consuming end-devices, such as PTZ camera or IPC.

ISO 9223

Entry, Advance, Custom

By supplying the market’s basic needs and adapting to the new trend of industry, Leonton committed to factory automation applications with comprehensive Ethernet switch product lines along with low-voltage model variations as below shows. And we are also dedicated to our customization service, giving the customer the most advantageous product choices and tailored solution for the best possible service which we value the most.

Industrial Managed PoE Ethernet Switches





Industrial Managed 802.3bt PoE Ethernet Switches




Industrial Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switches





Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches





Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch



ET2-1600 (New!)


About Leonton

“Your Partner in Networking” is the slogan of Leonton, which conveys the idea and value we are determined to provide in the market by making the products with the highest quality and offering the best service in customization projects, creating networking environments with enhanced safety, efficiency, stability, and reliability.

Selected Product

20-Port Industrial Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
16-Port Industrial Ethernet Switch
7-Port Industrial Gigabit IEEE 802.3bt PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch
5-Port Industrial PoE+ Managed Ethernet Switch

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