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Corrosion Protection

The Smaller, the Better
Compact-size Products Come in Handy for NEMA Enclosure

Needs for compact-size product is seen clearly due to space limitations in NEMA enclosures, thus we could find it happens that devices are designed smaller than usual to fit in, given the congested NEMA enclosure is size sensitive to handle.


The following image shows a PLC and controllers are installed in the NEMA enclosure, and it assumes to control pumps in a water treatment plant. However, it is always necessary to have a surveillance system for the purpose of security in this kind of crucial industrial fields. The facility may install a PoE switch to power the camera and connect to the fiber cable going back to their remote control center. A regular size switch might not be able to fit in such a cramped space so a compact-size switch comes in handy at this moment, giving the very limited room in the NEMA enclosure.




NEMA Enclosure

Value Beyond

Above is just a simple and familiar case for compact-size switch’s possibility. Engineers in the fields will always find smaller size devices more convenient and practical when the circumstance is limited by enclosures and other factors. There will not be a further discussion if the device do not fit into the enclosure in the first place. Leonton’s compact-size products, including industrial switches, media convertors and other extended product lines, are able to fit into any limited space with the ability to work in harsh environments and allow you to build a secure and reliable network.

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5-Port Industrial Ethernet Switch
8-Port Industrial Ethernet Switch
5-Port Industrial Ethernet Switch
8-Port Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch
5-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Switch
Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Injector

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Corrosion Protection
Corrosion Protection
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