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IP Surveillance Network

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Simplifying Your IP Surveillance Deployment with High-power PoE

Nowadays, city utilities and industry sectors are deploying IP surveillance systems in order to secure valuable properties, facilities and even lives with enhanced safety and security. A typical IP surveillance system for utilities includes these major components such as video cloud storages, LPR cameras, security cameras with video analytics capabilities, and flexible data transmission networks. However, driven by digital technology, IP surveillance systems are becoming much more sophisticated and powerful.

Confronting High-power Challenges in the Era of Rapid Change


Given the advances in digital technology, however, there are some challenges for users when their surveillance devices such as PTZ IR cameras require more than 30W of power. Users may select AC to DC power adapters to fulfill the high power demands, but doing so can be quite a hassle, especially for installing additional electrical outlets along with power cable splicing in a smaller space. With the advancement in new technology and standards, the capability of delivering higher power per switch port becomes much more reliable and cost-effective. For such applications, Leonton makes an all-out effort to develop and provides complete IEEE 802.3bt PoE product lines, including the industrial managed Ethernet switches, unmanaged Ethernet switches and PoE media converters. To discover these product solutions, see the PoE Product Brochure▸▸


Managing the PoE Wisely with Ease

While offering reliable high power output, Leonton has come up with some innovative design features that helps users manage or troubleshoot their PoE ports more wisely. These features include Safe PoE Disable, PD Remote Reset Technology (PRRT), PoE Power Budget, and Ping Alive and PoE Schedule.

Safe PoE Disable

When a PoE connection deteriorates over frequent uses, the use of high power PoE (802.3bt) may aggravate such conditions. Leonton’s patented Safe PoE Disable design (TW Pat: I707559) allows users to turn on/off the power output of each PoE port with a simple flip and gives the 802.3bt PoE products adequate protection. See the models with Safe PoE Disable▸

PRRT (PD Remote Reset Technology)

When the powered devices (PD), such as PoE cameras, need to be connected to networks and installed remotely, media converters or switches with fibers can be the solutions. However, when the PDs become unresponsive, it would be time-consuming and require additional manpower for on-site troubleshooting these remote devices when they are located in  different unmanned locations, especially without the help of management software to control the PoE power cycle for resetting the PDs.


For this scenario, Leonton’s bt PoE products with the patented “PRRT” technology is a cost-effective solution that can save time and money for better system performance and user experience. Simply replugging the fiber link from your data center equipment will reset the PoE port on the remote Leonton device. In response, the remote Leonton device turns the PoE power off and on in order to reboot the connected PDs. See the models with PRRT▸

PoE Power Budget

PoE Power Budget allows the administrators to allocate a moderate amount of power for each IP camera to minimize the waste of electricity, unlike PD class modes or LLDP information exchange, and reduce unnecessary costs as a result.

Ping Alive

This function enables the switch to check whether the connected Powered Device, such as an IP camera, is alive. And when the device becomes unresponsive, then the switch will automatically reboot the PD.

PoE Schedule

It allows the administrators to have efficient control on the operating time of the PoE power output from each PoE port through the Web GUI, which enhances the efficiency of energy usage.

Embracing the Fast-changing IP Surveillance Industry with the Future-proofing Technologies

As one of the key roles in the IP surveillance market, Leonton’s Industrial 802.3bt PoE products help security service providers to accelerate their progression toward the future-proofing IP surveillance applications. Leonton’s Industrial Ethernet switches bring the 3 most important values to the table: less downtime with less extra cost, better service quality, and a much better customer experience which contribute to secure valuable properties, facilities and even lives in a more intelligent way.

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Industrial Gigabit PoE++ Injector
6-Port Industrial Compact Managed Gigabit Ethernet 802.3bt PoE Switch
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5-Port Industrial Compact Gigabit Ethernet 802.3bt PoE Switch
5-Port Industrial Compact Gigabit Ethernet 802.3bt PoE Switch
Industrial IEEE 802.3bt PoE Media Converter

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