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Industrial IoT Unlocks New Business Model for Bus Companies and Upgrade the Long Lasting Industry

Lowering costs and raising the quality of service by emulating up-to-date practices are keys to the evolution of public transportation, especially buses. In developed countries, commuters have more options than ever to get around the city, including bus, metro, car, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, ride-sharing services, and more coming. Among all the options, bus operators should take the game up to the next level by embracing Industrial IoT, integrating new technology, seamless user experience, and an advanced business model. By making their fleet with a higher utilization ratio, in order to get higher revenue and profit, IIoT opens a door to the bus industry by connecting every device to the Internet, drastically reducing downtime, collecting data for better service quality, and providing a better customer experience.


IIoT and Opportunities for Buses: Big Data & Precision Marketing

Some bus agencies deploy smart-card to improve their service quality by letting riders commute seamlessly around the city with a single card, which also collects passenger data that can be used to improve customer service and develops CRM opportunities such as targeted discount plans and automatic replenishment. For example, the bus companies in Taipei encourage passengers to transfer their last-mile via buses which also take EasyCard as Taipei Metro does, by giving a 50% off targeted discount to those who just ended the metro ride in an hour. This policy hugely increased the utilization ratio of most bus routes and improved the efficiency of the transit network in Taipei Metropolis.

Build the Ecosystem for Your Bus Fleet and Provide Better Customer Experience

As technology becomes more sophisticated, onboard user expectations will evolve in parallel, and that will include key elements such as stable WiFi, more accurate passenger information, and more. To achieve all these, bus companies have to first connect all their end devices to the Internet and be able to manage the network remotely and efficiently. That is where the PoE Ethernet switch comes into play. A single Ethernet switch not only transfers data and delivers power at the same time but also withstands the extreme temperature of high latitude and high altitude areas, or gathering heat in a small enclosure in the back of the vehicle. This highlights how IIoT can also enhance operational resilience in the face of industry upgrading because new experience/end-device will always be connected to the Internet and reliable Ethernet switches can enable companies to react to market changes in no time.

ISO 9223

E-Mark, the Admission Ticket to the EU Vehicle Market

Besides, it is highly safety-related when it comes to the equipment onboard. European Union has carried out a directive (2004/104/EC) for adapting to technical progress Council Directive 72/245/EEC relating to the radio interference (electromagnetic compatibility) of vehicles. To put it simply, you have to get the E-Mark certification for your vehicle-related products before you sell them into the EU. And Leonton provides different models of Ethernet switches with E-Mark ready to help our customers get into the market faster than others.


Industrial IoT Generates Value for Long Lasting Bus Industry at Scale

A more efficient and comprehensively connected bus service would still go a long way toward enabling that reality. Leonton’s Industrial PoE Ethernet switches provide disparate operators across the bus industry to speed up the evolution of IIoT and reap the full benefits of it. Industrial Ethernet switches are essential to a transportation service provider’s IIoT success. Leonton’s Industrial Ethernet switches bring the 3 most important values to the table: less downtime with less extra cost, better service quality, and a much better customer experience which contribute to significant operational and financial benefits.

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