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As a trusted design partner, Leonton allows the customer to be in complete control throughout the entire process. Leonton strives to put customers first while providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.
Leonton is committed to providing the best service to our customers. We start with our Standard products, which are 100% made of industrial components and examined by rigorous industrial-level tests. Also, we dedicate ourselves to preserve the environment by having all of our products RoHS compliant. Besides helping customers gain a competitive edge in the market, Leonton continues running new projects for the latest technology to further enrich our product lines in the industrial networking industry.
It had never been so easy to build your own brand on these industrial networking devices, ranging from industrial Ethernet switch, media converter and other accessory. Slight changes based on Leonton’s Standard goods can let you hit the market in the fastest way. By just a simple swap, a lovely re-branding is done without the cost of full R&D process. Mylar, label, housing color, or even unnecessary port could be easily modified to fit your needs. In this way, Leonton can help customers delivering their own product to the market immediately and smoothly.
In this fast-changing era, by Full-Custom service, Leonton helps customers to build the industrial networking products which catch the trending from the very beginning and to manage the project flawlessly for the fastest time-to-market. Emphasis will be always put on development first since we consider it is the most crucial stage in the whole process. Following by a series of verifications and tests, we take nothing of the project easy and manage with a invariable strict attitude. Leonton is your best solution provider for reaching your business goal as we offer not more than good products and service but also deliver our core value, which is the best service.
Manufacturer of industrial networking products, Leonton provides the most exceptional and comprehensive Ethernet-centralized switch product line for our customers.

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