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Leonton offers a wide range of industrial networking products, which is all designed for applications in different level of harsh environments. Every single product is thoroughly planned, bettered and tested to make sure it meets not only the highest standard but also customers’ expectation.


Industrial Ethernet Switch
As a leading manufacturer of industrial networking products, Leonton provides the most exceptional and comprehensive Ethernet-centralized switch product line.
PoE Solution
To power network devices, Leonton's industrial PoE solution comes in handy for your usage of IP surveillance, process monitoring and other remote devices.
Media Converter
Within the industrial environment, besides Ethernet, disparate interfaces are also in the game to a certain degree. Different protocols can be connected easily.
IoT Solution
It is from the edge, through cloud, on your screen. IoT gateway enables unlimited ways to simplify your solutions, with integration on different protocols for better aggregation, seamless connection and comprehensive data management.
SFP Module
Compact sized, hot-pluggable, flexible and wide operating temperature SFP modules are just what you need to do any network upgrades.
For any kind of accessory requirement, Leonton confidently offers the corresponding equipment such as power supply & cables with superb quality, helping you activate the whole network.
Management Software
LeNMS is a network management suite that speeds up your network deployment process by presenting all network settings, conditions, and traceable records of the deployed network devices through a clear visual interface.

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