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1 Jul 2024

Leonton Technologies Achieves IEC 62443-4-1 Standard Certification for Enhanced Cybersecurity

IEC 62443-4-1 Standard Certification


New Taipei City, Taiwan, July 1st, 2024 —Leonton Technologies announced the implementation of the IEC 62443-4-1 industry security standard, which was certified by internationally recognized certification organization Bureau Veritas.


As the communication and networking industry has seen an exponential increase in the number of cyber threats over the last decade, Leonton Technologies achieves IEC 62443-4-1 certification to  further enhance product and process security throughout the entire lifecycle.


Leonton Technologies is aiming at ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity for industrial environments and Operational Technology(OT), obtaining IEC 62443-4-1 certification marks an critical milestone in Leonton Technologies’s consistent commitment.


The IEC 62443-4-1 standard, Product Security Development Life-Cycle Requirements, which defines process requirements for the secure development of products including development environment, supply chain, and delivery process. The life-cycle specifies the security requirements definition, design, implementation, verification and validation, management, and product end-of-life.


“By implementing the comprehensive security framework of IEC 62443-4-1 standards, Leonton Technologies not only provides industrial-grade custom-designed products, but also demonstrates its core value of connectivity and reliability complying with cybersecurity regulations.” said Austin Lin, Director of Leonton Technologies Co. Ltd.




About Leonton Technologies Co., Ltd.

Leonton Technologies, a worldwide industrial networking communication manufacturer, is your partner in networking. Located in Taiwan, Leonton has been a customer-centric company offering exceptional service and superb product quality inspections since its founding in 2012. We are recognized in the industry for our outstanding industrial networking product lines of industrial Ethernet switches and media converters. Leonton’s superior product design capability allows for a quick and flawless time-to-market process while creating networking environments with enhanced safety, efficiency, stability, and reliability. We are proud of our ability to manage and customize any project requiring a specific product to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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