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25 Apr 2022

Leonton Launches The New Management Solution for Maximizing Your Network Visibility


New Taipei City, April 25th – Leonton Technologies, a worldwide industrial networking communication manufacturer providing high-quality product customization solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the new browser-based device management solution – LeNMS that simplifies device administration by offering a fully visible network infrastructure through topology visualization and supports proactive monitoring by constantly polling the current status of every network device connected to field networks. Hence, troubleshooting becomes much more efficient with real-time visual notifications since any anomalies can be immediately detected for minimizing operational downtime.


With the demand for growing business, it is commonplace to have ongoing network expansion. Any network devices whether existing or newly installed can be automatically added into the network topology by LeNMS through the discovery protocols, such as, SNMP, ONVIF, and SSDP. Therefore, manual intervention can be avoided and efficiency for network operation can also be greatly improved.


LeNMS follows the modern responsive web design approach, which is capable of supporting a variety of screen resolutions by resizing and repositioning overall web contents in order to provide users with the best viewing experience. LeNMS also comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive web interface, which allows users to upload custom device icons and floor plans, and let users decide their preferred map layout. In addition to the above mentioned features, with a single click of a device icon, users can easily apply firmware updates to a Leonton managed switch, which reduces maintenance time for better operational performance.


LeNMS offers a Free Trial Version and Enterprise Version. The Free version offers 100 network device nodes for free with a one-year subscription. And the Enterprise Version comes with unlimited network device nodes for lifetime. To learn more about LeNMS, please visit the product page or watch the product overview on our Youtube channel. For product inquiry or customization service, please contact us at

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