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10 Jan 2022

Power Up to 100 Watts: The GINJ-0201-(E)BT-T Series

New Taipei City, Jan 10th – Leonton Technologies is proud to announce the expansion of its industrial PoE injector family with the introduction of the GINJ-0201-BT-T and GINJ-0201-EBT-T Series. These series provide non-PoE power source equipment (PSE) the ability to deliver data and power up to 90 Watts to power-hungry PD (power sourcing equipment), such as PTZ camera, POS system, and digital signage, allowing an easier and cost-efficient networking deployment. 


For higher power requirements, Leonton offers the GINJ-0201-EBT-T Series that was specially designed with enhanced PoE output up to 100 Watts. This series features dip-switch settings for PoE modes (standard & enhanced PoE) and dual PD failure check, allowing quick PoE configuration for efficient PoE power management. For utmost network reliability, the series is built-in with Leonton’s latest patented technology – iPoE (Intelligent PoE, TW Pat: I738612) budget control mechanism to make sure the appropriate power usage for different input voltages.


With fanless IP30 rugged metal case design, CE, FCC, and UL certifications, the GINJ-0201-BT-T and the GINJ-0201-EBT-T Series work perfectly in wide temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C, ensuring industrial reliability for operating in harsh environments.


For more information about the GINJ-0201-BT-T& GINJ-0201-EBT-T Series, please visit the product page.


For any inquiries, please contact us via this form, or send us an e-mail via


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