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28 May 2021

Compact Makes Impact: CBG5-0602-SFP

CBG5-0602-SFP | Industrial 802.3bt PoE++ Layer-2 Managed Ethernet Switch




New Taipei City, 28 May – We are proud to unveil the new CBG5-0602-SFP, our all-new ultra-compact design 802.11bt PoE++ Ethernet Switch, adding a new layer-2 managed switch to the current 802.3bt lineup, creating the possibility to utilize more heavy loading end devices in confined spaces.


Our mission was to find the perfect balance between performance, reliability, and better user experience. Besides, it is a performant and robust machine that provides a 240-watt power budget in total with a maximum of 90-watt per port. Leonton's networking products like the new CBG5-0602-SFP are meant to construct reliable data networks for the most mission-critical systems, such as ITS system in the busiest intersection of a metropolis. Sometimes there won't be a spacious enclosure in such a field. And the ultra-compact design with the 240-watt power output will just do the job effortlessly.


We believe that every little detail can take the user experience of our product to the next level. Therefore, for easy access, we have put all I/O on the front panel and redesign a DIN-rail clip for a better handle when installation. And for safety reasons, CBG5-0602-SFP comes with a newly patented safety technology, which is to cut the PoE power of the designated port via a DIP switch on the front panel, given higher PoE power accompanies the risk of electric spark when plugging/unplugging.





"Your Partner in Networking" is the slogan of Leonton, which conveys the idea and value we are determined to provide in the market by making the products with the highest quality and offering the best service in customization projects, creating networking environments with enhanced safety, efficiency, stability, and reliability.


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