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29 Mar 2021

Persistent PoE: Another New TW Patent Formally Granted for Networking Redundancy in Leonton’s PoE Ethernet Switch Lineup


Powering end-devices such as IP cameras by PoE function has become a more efficient way to build a surveillance system, given there is no need for extra cabling cost and less maintenance effort in the future. But it is always inconvenient to switch off the IP camera during system maintenance or other scheduled downtime such as firmware upgrade. Therefore, Leonton introduces “Persistent PoE” technology, which provides uninterrupted DC power output during the time of an Ethernet switch rebooting itself, making it possible to keep end-devices up and running whatsoever. In this case, IP cameras can still record the video while having the temporary downtime of the Ethernet switch. It can also be applied to other downtime critical equipment.


Nevertheless, near-zero downtime is every manufacturer and business owner going after. The key factor to reduce downtime is to put emphasis on maintenance. From the very basic reactive maintenance, which basically means “fix it when it is broken” to preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, proactive maintenance, and even to self-maintenance, Persistent PoE technology provides the user a way to do proactive maintenance in such an easy way. The patent (TW Pat: I729551) has been granted, by the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economy Affairs of Taiwan, for the proactive maintenance technologies allowing users to reboot the Ethernet switch while keeping the PoE DC power output. 


Leonton Technologies introduces this patented solution to provide our customer a more reliable and user-friendly experience PoE switches, by all means to create a near-zero downtime when it is connected to our Industrial PoE Ethernet Switches .


“Your Partner in Networking” is the slogan of Leonton, which conveys the idea and value we are determined to provide in the market by making the products with the highest quality and offering the best service in customization projects, creating networking environments with enhanced safety, efficiency, stability, and reliability.


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