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Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
How to Contact Us About Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities?

If you find a potential vulnerability in Leonton’s products, please report it to us immediately. For Leonton, timely identification of any vulnerabilities is key to minimizing security risks to our products. You can report any potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities on Leonton products by emailing PM and using Leonton’s  PGP key to encrypt files.


When reporting cybersecurity vulnerabilities, please include the following information to help us speed up performing a risk assessment and the subsequent development of remediation or mitigation measures:


  1. Product name and model
  2. Firmware/Software version
  3. Equipment and software needed to reproduce issues
  4. Steps to reproduce issues (attach pictures or codes if available)
  5. Proof-of-concept exploit code
  6. Description of how attackers can take advantage of the vulnerabilities
  7. Capture the packets (use a tool, such as Wireshark, to achieve this)
  8. Anything else that you feel may be relevant



The content of the ‘Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Policy’ may change depending on the circumstances of specific cases. We do not guarantee to respond to specific issues or categories of issues. You will be responsible for the risks taken when using any information in this document or any content linked. Leonton reserves the right to change any content in this document without prior notice. Any changes to the document will be published on Leonton’s official website:

What is Leonton's FOSS Policy?
Notwithstanding anything else to the contrary, products with management function supplied by Leonton Technologies Co., Ltd. are strictly abided by FOSS regulations, providing related information with the customers based on the license type used.
The software components, which are provided under FOSS licenses or developed by third party, are provided “as is”, without the warranty of any kind. This includes but is not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, unless stated otherwise in writing. Please refer to the appendix for the full text of the relevant software licenses in for further information.
Port on the product is damaged / not working / unstable / unable to link.

Please check the following advice. 

Note: Reset to the factory default before checking for problems on the managed switches.


1. How long has been the product used? Had the problem happened recently?

2. Does the LED light up when connecting the port with an issue?

3. How did you find that the port(s) are broken?

4. Replace the cable. If it still does not work, try to change the connection to other ports.

5. Check the specification of the fiber port on both sides. (especially for fiber ports)

How do I choose SFP modules?
Please confirm the spec of the connected SFP, the following items should be confirmed:
1. Both ends of the Fiber mode (single/multi) should be the same
2. Both ends of the Speed should be the same
3. Both ends of the Distance and wavelength should be the same
4. Check the connector type (SC/ST/LC/WA&WB)
I have problems when upgrading firmware.
Please refer the upgrade instruction that included the "Troubleshooting guides”, and remind solutions based on encountered problem by customer.
How would I know PoE function can work on my camera or other devices?
Our Switch provides Mode A [End-Span] PoE
Please check the customer's device specification (use Mid-Span PoE or End-Span PoE) otherwise the PoE function will not work.
How many switches can be used in a ring? (V3.0)
It has been tested that more than 100 switches can be utilized in a ring topology with great stability.
How many cameras can be used in a single ring with 1G switches?
The camera settings include a lot of values that determine the size of image, please provide the required bandwidth of a camera.
We use this tool to calculate camera bandwidth size.
Please be noted that should there be a gap between real application and estimation.
What should I do to prevent surge issues?

To prevent the issue of surge, we highly recommend using a well grounded and shielded cable to boost the immunity of the device from surge. Another suggestion is that you may install a surge protection device for the data port additionally if the device is located under the environments where it is quite possible affected by high voltage spikes.For the installation of the surge protector, please note that the surge protector should be as close as possible to the switch in order to maximize protection and to avoid cable exposure between the switch and protector.

How can I calculate the power consumption of an application?

We’d love to help you calculate PoE Power for your project. Contact us!Calculation Example:Use PG2-1604-SFP and has 5 PTZ Camera, each PTZ camera requires 10 watt PoE- Switch system needs 20 watt- 5 Camera x 10 watt PoE = 50 Watt Total Consumption = 20 watt (system) + 50 watt (camera) = 70 watt>> select a 48V power supply more than 70W.

Is ERPS / RSTP still compatible between two different firmware?

ERPS of v2.x and v3.0 is NOT compatible.RSTP of v2.x and v3.0 is compatible.

Can we use any RS232 Serial to RJ45 console cable to connect a Leonton switch through its console port?

No, please use the included RS232 Serial to RJ45 console cable to set up a console connection. The included console cable has a DB-9 female connector on one end and an RJ-45 plug on the other end. Below diagram shows the mapping of the DB-9 to RJ-45 pins.


How could I order the product?
Please contact us by the following methods:

Online Inquiry Form - We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or contact us directly:
Does Leonton offer any evaluation program?
Yes, we do. Please contact us by the following methods:

Online Request Form - We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or contact us directly:
What is the difference between lite-custom and full-custom?
Slight changes based on Leonton’s Standard goods can let you hit the market in the fastest way. By just a simple swap, a lovely re-branding is done without the cost of full R&D process. Mylar, label, housing color, or even unnecessary port could be easily modified to fit your needs. In this way, Leonton can help customers delivering their own product to the market immediately and smoothly.
How far can full-custom go?
From nothing to everything. Leonton helps customers to build the industrial networking products which catch the trending from the very beginning and to manage the project flawlessly for the fastest time-to-market. Emphasis will be always put on development first since we consider it is the most crucial stage in the whole process. Following by a series of verifications and tests, we take nothing of the project easy and manage with a invariable strict attitude. Leonton is your best solution provider for reaching your business goal as we offer not more than good products and service but also deliver our core value, which is the best service.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, we would be glad to take your order regardlees of the amount.
How to apply for written offer for source code?

For third party technology that you receive from Leonton Technologies Co., Ltd. in binary form which is licensed under an open source license that gives you the right to receive the source code for that binary. If the source code for the technology was not provided to you with the binary, you can also receive a copy of the source code on physical media by sending an email to or submitting a written request to:


Leonton Technologies Co., Ltd.

Attn: Engineering Legal Team

c/o Written Offer for Source Code

9F-1, No.43, Fuxing Rd.,

Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231



Please send us this form via one of the above-mentioned contact opportunities.


We may charge you a fee to cover the cost of physical media and processing. Your request must be sent (i) within three (3) years of the date you received the Leonton product that included the component or binary file(s) that are the subject of your request, or (ii) in the case of code licensed under the GPL v3, for as long as Leonton offers spare parts or customer support for that product model.


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