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Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

How to Contact Us About Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities


Please inform us immediately if you find a potential vulnerability in Leonton’s products. For Leonton, timely detection of any vulnerabilities is what we do to safeguard the security of our products. You can report any potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities on Leonton products by sending an email to our PM Team and using Leonton’s PGP key to encrypt files.


When reporting cybersecurity vulnerabilities, please include the following details to facilitate our risk assessment and the subsequent development of remediation or mitigation measures:

  1. Product name and model
  2. Firmware/Software version
  3. Equipment and software needed to replicate issues
  4. Steps to recreate issues (attach pictures or codes if available)
  5. Proof-of-concept exploit code
  6. Description of how attackers can take advantage of the vulnerabilities
  7. Packet capture (use a tool like Wireshark to achieve this)
  8. Any other information you believe is relevant
  9. email address:
  10. Download Leonton’s PGP key




Depending on the circumstances of specific cases, the content of the ‘Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Policy’ may be changed. We cannot guarantee specific issue responses or categories of issues. You will be responsible for any risks arising from using the information in this document or any content linked. Leonton reserves the right to revise any content in this document without prior notice. Any modifications in the document will be published on Leonton’s official website:

Cybersecurity advisories

Leonton will publish announcements about security concerns that pose moderate and high risks for our products.

  • No security advisories issued.

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