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History of Leonton

About Us

Leonton is a worldwide industrial networking communication manufacturer providing high-quality custom design product solutions. Located in Taiwan, Leonton has been a customer-centric company offering exceptional service and superb product quality inspections since its founding in 2012. We are recognized in the industry for our outstanding industrial networking product lines of industrial Ethernet switches and media converters. Leonton’s superior product design capability allows for a quick and flawless time to market process. We are proud of our ability to manage and customize any project requiring a specific product to meet and exceed customer expectations.

What We Do

Custom Design Service

Leonton's experienced and professional R&D engineering team collaborates with customers from the design stage and facilitates all required activities to successfully migrate new products toward mass production.

Project Management

We strictly follow customers’ qualification processes for manufacturing approval and every new product undergoes Leonton's NPI program (New Product Introduction). This program identifies potential design flaws, validates the process, and decides suitable conditions for mass production.


Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Leonton provides a complete testing system and professional environment to manufacture industrial networking products. Our exceptional design service experience and knowledge of new process technologies will assure customers of an impeccable product design experience. All finalized products are thoroughly checked for quality assurance, as we produce only products with the highest quality. Leonton offers reliable services that are economical and minimize project development timelines.

Leonton uses state-of-the-art testing equipment in all verification testing phases for various product lines to validate the qualities of the product.

IXIA & Spirent
Simulating network to validate performance, resilience, protocol compliance and interoperability of (networking) products.
Validating functionality of PoE product series and compliance to IEEE PoE standards with sufficient and reliable data.
Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Simulating different harsh operating environments with extreme temperature and humidity to make sure products are able to operate reliably under severe conditions.
Burn-In Oven
Simulating high temperature conditions to validate the high tolerance to extreme weather and the reliability of the products.


Total Solution Provider

Leonton Technologies was built on placing great value on customers’ needs and goals in order to provide thorough and outstanding all-in-one solution.

Not only does Leonton provide industrial networking product design and manufacturing, but it also distributes industrial networking accessories such as SFP modules and DIN rail power supply series. Thus, providing customers a simple solution to their networking and communication needs is what Leonton emphasizes.

Furthermore, with over 30 years of combined engineering experience, Leonton provides consultation services for system integration and installation. We provide recommendations for products based on reviewing customers’ specific environments and industrial applications.

Our team always upholds customers’ brands by providing top-of-the-line service and solutions.

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